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Bulk SMS Software - Multi USB Modem

Bulk SMS software (Multi USB Modem Edition) is designed with innovative technology that creates and sends group text SMS from your PC using USB modem. SMS broadcasting program is reliable and convenient solution to communicate with your business partners, relatives, friends and customers at any time.

Text messaging service empowers you to connect multiple USB modems with your PC or laptop to instantly send group text SMS. Business marketing solution is useful apps that help to promote your business products, services or brands.


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What makes software so useful:

Major Features:

USB Modem Device Connection

Connect your Mobile Device to your PC through USB Port directly.

Connected Device List

Select Com Port to see the device details.

Add or Paste Numbers Manually

Select Add or Paste number manually then enter the numbers and click OK.

Dynamic Message Import Wizard

Select Import Numbers and their respective messages from Excel file then click Continue.

File Path

Browse the file to send the messgaes then click Finish.

Application Areas:

  • Multi level marketing companies
  • Healthcare industries
  • Government departments
  • Banking sectors
  • Retail business
  • IT companies
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Schools and training institutes etc